A Short Talk About Wasting Your Vote.

Republicans and Democrats will both tell you that if you vote Libertarian, you waste your vote.

If you ask them why, the answer is usually something like well Libertarians can not win and therefore they are are irrelevant. Now, it is true that we can not win if you do not vote for us, but that is not the same thing as wasting a vote. You see, what they are really telling you is that you have to vote for the Republicrat coalition of the powerful or someday that coalition might not win.

Now if you want things to go on as they have been, then the Republicrats are right. We want to get the government out of your bedrooms, and out of your bank accounts. If you think that you need more people telling you what to do, what you can think, what you can say, and taking half of your income to ruin your cities, ruin your schools, and pay for multi-million dollar studies on the lovelife of the artic mayfly, then it would be a waste to vote Libertarian, because that is not our idea of good governent.

If you think you know how to best care for your family and friends, that if you give government a dime it will take a dollar and a half, and that the history of the last 70 years has shown that government is an inefficient way to get things done, then you will waste your vote if you vote for the parties that want to keep things like they are.

They say crazy is doing the same thing over and over, hoping for a different result. How long have you been voting for the major parties only to see things get worse?

I realize that change is hard, but it really is ok to vote Libertarian.

your humble Libertarian Party Chairman
Jackson County Missouri Libertarian Party.