Proposed Statement of Purpose of the
Jackson County (MO) Libertarian Party

Our efforts and existence as an organization are focused on having a positive impact on our government and, as a result, on our community by working to:

1) Defend the United Statesí Constitution and work to restore its authority over government. This effort is done via effective political activism and via public education that promotes the benefits of personal freedom and the corresponding personal responsibility as the best remedy to societal, economic, moral and governmental crises facing Jackson County, Missouri and the United States of America.

2) Uphold a high standard of ethics in all aspects of our efforts to impact both public opinion and government.

3) Oppose efforts to raise taxes and support effort to lower taxes at all levels.

4) Oppose efforts to place burdensome regulations on individuals, businesses or other groups that peacefully pursue their interests and goals; and oppose governmental efforts to deprive property owners of control of personal and/or business property.

5) Oppose efforts by anyone that seek to impose philosophical, religious or lifestyle choices on peaceful people, including efforts that may denigrate the right of parents to raise their children in the manner they so choose. This demands that we recognize the right of others to make personal choices that we may disagree with, so long as those choices do not directly harm or infringe on the rights of others.

6) Recognize the ability of the free market, private charity and individual goodness to solve societal problems better than governmental bureaucracy is able to. As a result, we support efforts to privatize as many government services as possible in order to allow those services to be delivered more efficiently and with greater effectiveness to those who benefit from them while decreasing the financial burden forced on all taxpayers.

7) Promote membership in and activism on behalf of both the Missouri Libertarian Party and the Libertarian Party of the United States.

8) Recruit candidates for public office at all levels.

9) Support the campaigns of legitimate Libertarian candidates in partisan races and the campaigns of candidates in non-partisan races who demonstrate a clear understanding of, appreciation for and dedication to freedom and limited government; utilize both partisan Libertarian and non-partisan campaigns to impact the publicís understanding of both the specific issues prevalent in each campaign and of freedom in general.